Introduction to e-XAM ONLINE

        e-XAM ONLINE is the online version of the recruitment exam conducted by RRB Thiruvananthapuram. e-XAM ONLINE version of the exam is very similar to the regular exam, the only difference being the mode of answering. In the regular exam, you mark your answers on the OMR sheet with a pen. In e-XAM ONLINE, all you have to do is to click on the correct answer on the screen using the mouse.

e-XAM ONLINE is simple

        You do not have to worry or know a great deal about computers. All you need to know is how to use the mouse and also how to fill in a few details using the keyboard. Do not worry. We will show you how.

We will now follow three simple steps.

About computers   –    This will explain to you about the mouse and keyboard to help you to answer the test questions.

Login / Test Demo –    This will show you how to fill in details of Roll number, password, date of birth, community etc. This will also show you how the test screen will look like, and guide you on how to click on the options available. It is very easy and simple to follow.

Sample Test            –    We have given you a sample of 25 questions so that you can practice. The sample test does not in any way relate to the actual exam, either in terms of number of questions or the level of difficulty. This is just to help you to become familiar with the test process.

Now, go ahead and click on the About Computers button to get started